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I always felt the right people were the real keys to success … when someone I felt was right for Woods became available, we grabbed that person whether or not we were looking at that point.

– John Bodary from "Building on Success"

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Woods Construction, Inc. is a full-service General and Specialty Contractor with experience spanning, from coast to coast, and projects ranging in size from the construction of multi-million dollar retail stores, to simple maintenance calls for public schools and community churches, and most everything in-between. Our forte and project expertise is defined not by our portfolio of projects or the size of projects we have managed across the US. Instead, Woods Construction, Inc. is defined by our outstanding reputation with both our customers and peers within the construction industry, and by our commitment and dedication to always provide our customers with what they want, when they want it. Within our several construction divisions, Woods Construction is able to provide the highest quality materials and workmanship by either strapping on a tool belt and making sure the work gets done right by doing it ourselves, or by partnering with other Subcontractors who share our vision for top-notch quality, world-class safety, and efficient and effective use of time and resources.


Woods Construction’s dedication to safety and environmental responsibility extends past merely complying with rules and regulations. It is our goal to complete every job, no matter how big or small, with the highest quality, efficiency and adherence to the safest possible work practices and environmental controls. This allows us to maintain a hazard-free environment for our workers and for anyone who may be at or near our work area(s). Our commitment to safety is evident in our EMR rating that is consistently below the national average, the dedication of the full-time Safety Director to provide on-site safety training and consultation and the numerous safety awards Woods has received throughout our history in the construction industry. From the President of Woods Construction down to the newest entry-level employee, Safety is everyone’s responsibility at Woods Construction—and, we take that responsibility seriously for our benefit and yours.


At Woods Construction, technology is a tool we value not only in the office environment, but also in the field. Through the use of laptops, iPhones and iPads, our project managers and foremen are never more than a phone call or email away. It gives us the ability to communicate effectively throughout our organization and keep our jobs to the tightest of schedules.

During our bidding and project management process we also keep things current with electronic files and transmissions with use of our website and FTP server.


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