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Stick to it steadily and you will see great effect.

– Benjamin Franklin

Our Team

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Corporate Officers

John F. Bodary, President
Email: jbodary@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x124

Deb Williams, Vice President
Email: dwilliams@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x121

Office Personnel

Sandy Aufermann, Safety & Projects Engineer
Email: saufermann@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x136

Linda Belanger, Payroll
Email: lbelanger@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x128

Scott Fox, Building Operations & Logistics Manager
Email: sfox@woodsconstruction.com
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x132

Helen Franczuk, Payroll
Email: hfranczuk@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x136

Carl Granger, Safety Director
Email: cgranger@woodsconstruction.com
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x134

Suzi Grant, Expenses & Computer Support
Email: sgrant@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x111

Tiffany Marchant, Computer Support/Project Management Assistant
Email: tmarchant@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x117

Mike Murphy, Accounts Payable
Email: mmurphy@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x113

Jill Potter, Accounts Payable/Receivable
Email: jpotter@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x120

Jaclyn Schmidt, Accounts Payable Assistant
Email: jmbodary@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x110

Project Managers

Ted Angers, Project Manager/Estimator - Target, TJX Companies, Meijer
Email: tangers@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x119

Brian Blizzard, Project Manager/Estimator - Kohls and other clients
Email: bblizzard@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x137

Stephanie Corey, Project Manager/Estimator - GGP and Target
Email: mailto:scorey@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x122

Jeff Drew, Painting Division Project Manager/Estimator – Woods Interiors
Email: jdrew@woodsinteriors.com
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x115

Dan Gilbert, Project Manager/Estimator - Target
Email: dgilbert@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x116

Sarah Guzal, Project Manager/Estimator - Kohls, Special Projects
Email: sguzal@woodsconstruction.com
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x127

Chris Hicks, Project Manager/Estimator – JCPenney and other clients
Email: chicks@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (517) 505-5022

Derek Macheske, Project Manager/Estimator - Target
Email: dmacheske@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x126

Kathy McKinley, Project Manager/Estimator - JCPenney, Kmart and Sears (Lansing, MI Office)
Email: kmckinley@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (517) 485-8755

Barry Olson, Project Manager/Estimator – Kohls
Email: bolson@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 615-8577

Dale Picard, Project Manager/Estimator – JCPenney and other clients
Email: dpicard@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (810) 343-6124

Greg Wolfe, Project Manager/Estimator - Rite Aid, Kmart, Kohls, Millwork, Special Projects
Email: gwolfe@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x118


Rob Zimmerman, Controller
Email: rzimmerman@woodsconstruction.com,
Phone: (586) 939-9991 x122